Interview: Foods that Fight Inflammation

Media outlet: CTV – Canada AM, Toronto, Ontario, June 8, 2015

Expert guest: Kim Arrey, BSc, RD


Interview Rewind: We review a media interview and highlight strengths and suggestions for improvement. Let’s watch Registered Dietitian Kim Arrey as she discusses “Food that Fight Inflammation”

Topic and Key Messages

  • Main interview topic discussed strategies for improving osteoarthritis through making healthy, nutrient rich food choices to reduce inflammation. Kim affirmed that many Canadians are suffering from arthritis, and the nutrition information she had to share was for helping to manage osteoarthritis.
  • Excellent delivery of first key message right at the top of the interview: “remember there is a more holistic approach for managing arthritis, especially osteoarthritis”. Way to go Kim!
  • Kim delivered the main key message early on in the interview: check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking over the counter medication for your osteoarthritis and are having stomach irritation, and switch the medicine if needed. Stomach irritation may stop you from enjoying healthy foods such as oranges, but it is likely your arthritis medication that is irritating your stomach and not the food.
  • Another key message was “Talk to your dietitian about the right number of servings for you”, and Kim also dispelled the myth about potatoes (a nightshade vegetable) and inflammation.


Key Message Delivery

  • Kim and the host interacted well to share the key messages and took turns leading the interview. The host helped to ensure viewers were aware that the foods being discussed were for the benefit of reducing inflammation associated with osteoarthritis by stating “these are good foods for inflammation”.
  • Kim maintained excellent good eye contact with the host throughout the interview, was relaxed, and appeared to be enjoying herself.
  • Overall, Kim spoke in a conversational, easy-to-understand language throughout the interview.
  • Suggestion for improvement: Kim did a great job of showcasing the different foods. However she could have added more detail/emphasis about how the foods benefits or worsen arthritis – e.g. mention as a key message that omega-3 fats in salmon and sardines help to reduce inflammation that is associated with osteoarthritis; explain why eating less red meat is important; explain the meaning of low glycemic index and how it is associated with inflammation
  • Suggestion for improvement: Consider using the technique of “hooking” to take control of the interview flow – e.g. “I am here to talk about foods that help reduce inflammation, a key problem associated with osteoarthritis.” Then discuss key messages and food visuals. Back up your recommendations with research – e.g. “In my book, I researched the role of nutrition in osteoarthritis. Studies support including these foods in your diet to help manage inflammation associated with osteoarthritis.”



  • Beautiful food display! Excellent use of colourful foods and variety of foods which showed the foods to choose and avoid for reducing inflammation.
  • Kim used her food visuals expertly to help tell her story. She pointed to various foods in her display (e.g., avocadoes, nuts, fish, potatoes) when discussing their benefits such as omega-3 fats in fish and protein in the nuts and legumes.
  • Great visual of Kim’s book at the beginning of the interview!
  • Suggestion for improvement: Use hands less when talking. A few times, the hand movements were a little distracting during the interview. Consider thinking of holding a basketball with hands in a relaxed circle position or let them relax open on the counter.



  • Kim looked beautiful on camera and smiled throughout the interview! She selected a beautiful pink, jewel tone dress shirt that looked professional and vibrant on camera.
  • Her jewelry was minimal which was perfect as it didn’t interfere with the microphone.
  • Her makeup was professional and looked great under the bright studio lighting.