Thanks to everyone who listened in to our webinar How to Pitch, Plan and Prepare a Dynamic TV Interview! Here’s a recap of some of the questions we were asked.

Question #1: Where can I find story ideas to pitch for an interview?

Answer: A story idea has to be timely, newsworthy and relevant to the audience. Here are few different ideas.

  • Pitch your story based on a monthly theme – e.g. February is Heart Month; March is Nutrition Month; April is Cancer Awareness Month, etc.
  • Pitch your story based on a seasonal theme – e.g. New Year’s Resolutions in January; Packing the perfect picnic foods in July; or Back to school lunches in September.
  • Pitch you story based on a recent news story or research – e.g. your point of view or myth busting facts on saturated fat, nutrition labelling changes, or fad diets.


Question #2: Are there still green rooms and make-up available for TV interviews?

Answer: It depends on the TV outlet. Some national TV outlets such as Canada AM, Global News, Steven and Chris, and The Marilyn Denis Show all have green rooms and professional make-up services available. Breakfast TV, CTV and Rogers though typically don’t have a make-up artist available. To be sure, always ask the producer or your contact.


Question #3: You mention that rehearsing is very important. But I like to go in “fresh” without rehearing so that I sound more natural and less scripted.

Answer: We strongly recommend rehearsing your key messages aloud because it helps you practice the flow of your messages and listen to your own intonations. Rehearsing in front of the mirror is very helpful too so that you can watch your mannerisms. However, if you’d prefer to not rehearse, then be sure to know your key messages and drive the interview.


Question #4: Are there food stylists available for TV interviews or do I have to do my own food styling?

 Answer: It depends on the TV outlet. Shows such as Steven and Chris and The Marilyn Denis show have their own team of food stylists. For other TV outlets, you may have to do your own food styling or hire a food stylist to help you. Check with show producer and inquire about food stylists. We have contacts for food stylists across the country with whom we have worked. Contact us for more information.


Question #5: Is there payment for doing media work? Would I get paid to do a last minute TV interview?

Answer: Yes there can be payment for interviews that are part of a media tour for which you’ve been hired as the media spokesperson. For most TV shows and for last minute TV news interviews though, it’s very unlikely that you’ll get paid. Many dietitians volunteer their time during Nutrition Month. Think of the media interview as your opportunity to share credible, accurate nutrition messages to a wide audience. Plus it’s an excellent opportunity to improve your own profile as well as that of dietitians. Just imagine – if dietitians don’t jump at the opportunity to accept a media interview request then it may be granted to another person – a chiropractor, holistic nutritionist, naturopath or whoever!


Do you have another media related question? Send it to us and we’ll do our best to answer it!