Interview: Healthy Snacks on the Go
Media outlet: Steven and Chris, CBC National TV
Expert guest: Sue Mah, RD

Interview Rewind: We review a media interview and offer our expert POV, highlighting strengths and suggestions for improvement. Let’s watch Registered Dietitian Sue Mah as she shares her healthy snack ideas.

Topic and Key Messages

  • Importance of topic was clear – Healthy snacks are easy to make. Canadians do not get enough milk products.
  • Sue presented clear, easy to remember key messages about snacking for improving nutritional heath. One key message was about the nutritional benefits of milk products. She subtly repeated that milk products contain 16 essential nutrients like protein, calcium and vitamin D.
  • Emphasized that her snack ideas were not only nutritious, but also easy to prepare at home and demonstrated on-air how easy they were to make!
  • Interesting snack ideas engaged audience interest. Relevant to viewers because everyone snacks, but we often make nutritionally poor choices.

Key Message Delivery

  • Sue led the interview nicely from one snack idea to the next. She was careful to use time wisely and balanced her time between each snack idea.
  • Interview was balanced with interaction between Sue and her two hosts. She stayed on message by delivering the nutritional benefits of snacks. Maintained great eye contact with both hosts.
  • Sue used a conversational, friendly and professional tone throughout the interview and maintained a high energy level to keep audience members engaged on her topic!
  • She spoke clearly with enthusiasm and energy, with easy to understand, consumer-friendly language. Smiled throughout and had fun.
  • Was comfortable and confident and had a relaxed body language.
  • Beautifully engaged both hosts and involved them in recipe preparations.
  • Suggestions for improvement: Minimize flipping of hair off the face. Avoid saying “yeah” and try to say “yes” instead. Sue stumbled a bit with one of her messages saying “I forgot to say…” – a better phrase she could have used is “I also would like to mention that…”


  • Beautiful, colourful food visuals.
  • Used visuals well throughout interview to demonstrate each snack option.


  • Perfect wardrobe. Solid deep purple colour flattered Sue. She looked professional and well groomed with her hair and make-up. Her dress did not distract from the food visuals.
  • Simple, minimal jewelry complemented Sue’s outfit and did not interfere with microphone.