Interview: Fresh Ways to Enjoy Eggs

Media outlet: CTV Morning Live Vancouver, Vancouver, BC

Expert guest: Patricia Chuey, RD,

Air date: February 01, 2016

Reviewed by Gina Sunderland and Sue Mah, Co-Founders, Media Training Boot Camp

Interview Rewind: We review a media interview and offer our expert POV, highlighting strengths and suggestions for improvement. Let’s watch Registered Dietitian Patricia Chuey as she discusses “Fresh Ways to enjoy Eggs”

Topic and Key Messages

  • The interview discussed nutrition benefits of eggs and provided viewers with several easy, yet unique ideas for ways to prepare and incorporate eggs into their diets.
  • Patricia had three key messages that were clearly delivered to viewers: i) eggs are all natural, raised without hormones or steroids; ii) eggs are a great source of protein and 14 other key nutrients; iii) eggs are affordable and people should feel good about enjoying eggs! She managed to deliver a fabulous, memorable sound bite for viewers near the end of the interview “Eat eggs period.” Way to go Patricia!

Key Message Delivery

  • Patricia had a friendly tone and clear delivery of her key messages that she expertly incorporated several times throughout the interview. Her primary key message that eggs are all natural and should be eaten and enjoyed by everyone stood out clearly and was stated several times.
  • Patricia kept the interview flowing by seamlessly interacting with the host while sharing her key messages. She was able to transition between her key messages and beautiful visuals of various egg recipes.
  • Patricia also highlighted the website to find all of her great recipe ideas. Suggestion: Ask the TV producer to show the website on screen.
  • Patricia used clear, easy to understand language throughout the interview and avoided technical jargon, even when answering a difficult question about the difference between free-range eggs and organic eggs. Patricia took time to explain that all eggs are natural and healthy regardless of the variety selected. Then she bridged to share great new science that people do not have to be fearful of the cholesterol content of eggs as long as they are preparing them in a healthy ways and pairing them with other healthy food choices such as whole grains and fruit. Great advice for viewers! She discussed the question in a professional manner and did not get overly flustered! Following her great response however, Patricia went on to say to the host “I am not sure if I answered your question or not” as her way of looping back to the host to suggest that there was more to answering the question than what time could permit. Suggestion: As the expert, Patricia provided a good answer to a somewhat challenging question. At that point, it would have been best to move on as it may have given the impression that she was second guessing her answer.
  • Patricia frequently clasped and wove her hands together throughout the interview. This can be distracting for viewers and may draw their attention away from the dialogue or beautiful egg visuals. Suggestion: Consider pretending your hands are holding a basketball to prevent clasping them together or try to use your hands to motion to the food or recipe you are discussing. (This is an area I personally struggle with and often have to remind myself during interviews not to clasp my hands. This can be a challenge for even the most experienced media dietitian!)
  • Patricia’s body language was calm and friendly throughout the interview. She was relaxed, yet energetic about her topic and appeared to be enjoying herself.
  • Patricia is an experienced media dietitian and this was demonstrated with her excellent eye contact, interaction with the host throughout the interview, and delivery of her key messages. She spoke clearly and at a conversational pace to ensure information could be understood.


  • Patricia created a visually stunning food display including a fresh large basket of eggs, several artfully prepared and displayed recipe “heroes” (egg frittata, egg stuffed baked potatoes, omelet, French toast fruit skewers, and egg blueberry pancake muffins). Her beautiful display was certain to make viewers want to try the recipes and incorporate eggs into their diets. She also was sure to mention that the dishes were easy to prepare and did not require recipes, but for those viewers that were interested, the recipes could be found on
  • The recipes looked beautiful and were artfully displayed with fruit, fresh herbs, white dishes, colourful muffin cups, and natural placements. Also a beautiful basket of fresh white and brown eggs and bright yellow flowers added to the food display setting the stage for her interview. Suggestion: Put the salsa accompanying the omelet into a small glass dish to prevent it from weeping on the plate.


  • Patricia looked beautiful on camera in her jewel-toned, blue blouse and smiled throughout the interview! In conversation with us, Patricia noted that she had tried on several blouses to find the one that best complemented the yellow food visuals and the colours of the TV set. Her make-up looked professional, highlighted her features and complemented her complexion. Her necklace looked lovely, suited the neckline of her blouse, and was at the perfect length as to not interfere with the microphone.

Other Interview Insights

Having made her first TV appearance 21 years ago, Patricia is a true professional when it comes to media interviews and has been nicknamed “The People’s Dietitian”! On the weekend before this TV interview, Patricia was away at her son’s hockey tournament in Chilliwack (1.5 hours from Vancouver). But that didn’t stop her! She lugged groceries around all weekend, popped into a friend’s house in Vancouver on Sunday night to cook the recipes, and then brought all of the food to her hotel room overnight. In her trusty roller luggage, Patricia packed up every single food prop and took them over to the TV studio. As Patricia says, “Food styling is a BIG effort, not for wimps but fun!” We love your commitment and creativity, Patricia!