No matter how much we prepare and practice, things don’t go exactly as planned when it comes to media interviews! As life-long learners and media trainers, we’re always looking for ways to improve, learn and share our secrets of success with you! In the next few newsletters, we’ll share some our TV interview fumbles – and how to fix them!

Media Interview Fumble #1: Forgetting to ask about parking and construction

Gina’s story: While driving into downtown Winnipeg for an in-studio CTV interview, I was caught in one of the biggest snowstorms of the year! I had checked the weather forecast in advance, and had given myself lots of travel time. But, when I finally arrived downtown, I was surprised to find the usual parking lot was closed due to construction.

It was a huge challenge to find parking with the snowy weather conditions. I circled around the area in a bit of a panic, and finally found a parking lot quite a distance from the studio. I ended up having to drag a roller suitcase filled with my food props through several blocks of unplowed sidewalk. Thank goodness nothing spilled or broke along the way!

Through the blowing snow, I thought to myself, “Good thing I am wearing my warm parka and toque!” When I got to into the studio, I was rushing to set-up my props, and I didn’t take time to freshen-up my hair and make-up. I admit, I was surprised when I viewed my interview online to see that I had “hat-head!”

The Fix: Find out as much about your interview in advance as possible! Now I ask CTV in advance if I may park under their building for the duration of my interview. Construction in downtown Winnipeg has made parking on most days, storm or no storm, very challenging. If you have a similar parking / construction situation in your city, ask the TV producer / your contact about a temporary parking spot or loading zone near the studio so that you can unload your props. Also, before your interview, take an extra minute to do a quick hair and make-up check!

Next Month: Sue Mah shares her media interview fumble!