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That time I did a media segment recovering from stomach flu – by Shannon Crocker

It was a busy Thursday when the stomach flu hit.  It was also the day I was planning to do my final prep on key messages for an upcoming Monday TV segment. Needless to say, I got nothing done.  I wasn’t too worried as I started to feel better late Friday and I knew that I still had a couple of days until my TV segment. But, I didn’t get better and in fact, started to feel worse again on…

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Media Interview Fumbles & Fixes #3

No matter how much we prepare and practice, things don’t go exactly as planned when it comes to media interviews! As life-long learners and media trainers, we’re always looking for ways to improve, learn and share our secrets of success with you! In the next few newsletters, we’ll share some our TV interview fumbles – and how to fix them! Media Interview Fumble #3: Picking a sensitive recipe Gina’s story: I usually pre-tape 3-4 television segments at a time– all…

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Interview Rewind: Fresh Ways to Enjoy Eggs! – Patricia Chuey, RD

Interview: Fresh Ways to Enjoy Eggs Media outlet: CTV Morning Live Vancouver, Vancouver, BC Expert guest: Patricia Chuey, RD, Air date: February 01, 2016 Reviewed by Gina Sunderland and Sue Mah, Co-Founders, Media Training Boot Camp Interview Rewind: We review a media interview and offer our expert POV, highlighting strengths and suggestions for improvement. Let’s watch Registered Dietitian Patricia Chuey as she discusses “Fresh Ways to enjoy Eggs” Topic and Key Messages The interview discussed nutrition benefits of…

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How to Pitch, Plan and Prepare a Dynamic TV Interview – FAQs

Thanks to everyone who listened in to our webinar How to Pitch, Plan and Prepare a Dynamic TV Interview! Here’s a recap of some of the questions we were asked. Question #1: Where can I find story ideas to pitch for an interview? Answer: A story idea has to be timely, newsworthy and relevant to the audience. Here are few different ideas. Pitch your story based on a monthly theme – e.g. February is Heart Month; March is Nutrition Month;…

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