Shannon Crocker

That time I did a media segment recovering from stomach flu – by Shannon Crocker

It was a busy Thursday when the stomach flu hit.  It was also the day I was planning to do my final prep on key messages for an upcoming Monday TV segment. Needless to say, I got nothing done.  I wasn’t too worried as I started to feel better late Friday and I knew that I still had a couple of days until my TV segment. But, I didn’t get better and in fact, started to feel worse again on…

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Secret of Success of success from Canada’s Top Media Dietitians – Featuring Shannon Crocker

Featuring Hamilton, Ontario-based dietitian Shannon Crocker, MSc, RD – media dietitian superstar and owner of VIBRANT nutrition communications. Shannon is a nutrition communications pro and good food content creator. When she’s not writing about food and nutrition, she’s talking about it. A lot! Shannon appears regularly in radio and television media, facilitates wellness classes and is a professor at the Canadian Food & Wine Institute where she teaches nutrition to future chefs. Shannon shares her passion for simple, good foods that…

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