Interview: Grey Cup Snack Swaps
Media outlet: CHCH Morning Live, Hamilton Ontario
Expert guest: Shannon Crocker, RD

Interview Rewind: We review a media interview and offer our expert POV, highlighting strengths and suggestions for improvement. Let’s watch Registered Dietitian Shannon Crocker as she shares her tips for healthier Grey Cup snacks

Watch: Grey Cup Snack Swaps CHCH Morning Live, Hamilton Ontario

Topic and Key Messages

  • Interview topic was healthy snacks for Grey Cup parties; topic was timely and a newsworthy hook; the interview aired 2 days before the 2014 Grey Cup finals.
  • Key message was clear and easy to remember – it’s possible to have healthy Grey Cup game day snacks by swapping in some of the ideas.
  • Shannon created a cute and memorable sound bite by calling the recipe a “7-layer Oskie Wee Wee Dip” (Oskie Wee Wee are lyrics in the team cheer for the Hamilton Tiger Cats).
  • Many practical tips were offered that addressed common party foods such as pop and chicken wings.

Key Message Delivery

  • Shannon led the interview and interacted well with the host Bob Cowan. Good eye contact with the host, and great idea to involve the host in the recipe demo.
  • Looked like both Shannon and Bob were having fun. Tone was light and fun.


  • Colourful visuals which successfully played on the black/yellow team colours by using black and yellow napkins, yellow bags, lemons, blackberries, black beans, yellow peppers, dark tortilla chips.
  • Good layout and flow of visuals. All visuals were mentioned during the interview.
  • Great use of the tall water pitcher which added interest and height to the visuals.
  • Cute touch to write “Go Cats Go” on the yellow popcorn bags!


  • Wardrobe was professional with solid black jacket.
  • Suggestion for improvement: For fun, Shannon could have worn a yellow top under her black jacket to play on the team colours theme.

Other Interview Insights

  • [Sue]: I’ve been interviewed numerous times by this host Bob and know that he isn’t a savvy cook AT ALL!! Shannon knew this too and was clever in how she involved him in the recipe demo. She tasked him with a minor role to squeeze the lime juice a few times. And even though he added the juice to the wrong bowl at one point in the interview, Shannon went with the flow and thanked him for helping.