Interview: Party without Packing on the Pounds
Media outlet: CTV Morning Live, Winnipeg Manitoba
Expert guest: Gina Sunderland, RD

Interview Rewind: We review a media interview and offer our expert POV, highlighting strengths and suggestions for improvement. Let’s watch Registered Dietitian Gina Sunderland as she shares tips for healthy holiday eating.

Watch: Party without Packing on the Pounds CTV Morning Live, Winnipeg

Topic and Key Messages

  • Interview topic was timely and a newsworthy hook – how to enjoy parties without gaining too much weight; the interview aired in December – just in time for all of the holiday parties!
  • Key message was clear and easy to remember – it’s possible to enjoy holiday eating if you follow these easy tips.
  • Many practical tips were offered during the interview and the list of tips was also featured twice on a cut away shot.

Key Message Delivery

  • Gina interacted well with the host. She not only answered all of the host’s questions, but also gave key messages.
  • Good eye contact with the host, and great pace.
  • Good easy to remember sound bite: “Drink smart”.
  • Suggestion for improvement: For a more relaxed look, perhaps have one hand rest on top of the other hand instead of two closed fists at the start of the interview.


  • Colourful visuals and good play on the holiday colours red and green.
  • Good layout of visuals and use of the countertop space.
  • Suggestions for improvement: Not all visuals were mentioned during the interview. Perhaps work in these visuals earlier during the interview or show fewer visuals next time. When discussing the tip to hold a drink in your dominant hand, it might have been nice to have a visual of a tall glass of water with cranberry juice which would also have added some height to the visuals.


  • Wardrobe was professional. Solid blue colours work well on TV!

Other Interview Insights

  • Gina shared her key messages and tips ahead of time with the producer. This is a key secret for success as the producer featured the tips on a cut away shot twice. It was a smart strategy to help reinforce the key messages for viewers!