Interview: New Eating Habits for 2015
Media outlet: City TV Breakfast Television, Montreal Quebec
Expert guest: Angel Ong, RD

Interview Rewind: We review a media interview and offer our expert POV, highlighting strengths and suggestions for improvement. Let’s watch Registered Dietitian Angel Ong as she discusses new eating habits for 2015.

Topic and Key Messages

  • Interview topic discussed strategies for improving your nutritional intake for the up-coming year. Interview was timely as it aired December 22, 2014 when people are in the midst of planning New Year resolutions.
  • Angel delivered three key messages: keep track of the food you are eating with a food journal or an app; watch-out for popular but unhealthy trends such as detoxing/cleanses; and control your portions.

Key Message Delivery

  • Angel evidently did her homework and shared her key messages with the host prior to her interview. This kept the interview flowing. Angel and the host interacted seamlessly to share the key messages.
  • Angel effectively delivered the primary key message: to use Dietitians of Canada’s free and fun eaTracker app. This key message was also repeated at the end of the interview for reinforcement. Having the app shown on screen further emphasized the primary message.
  • Angel spoke in easy to understand language throughout the interview and avoided technical jargon, even when discussing detoxes and cleanses. She stated there is a lack of scientific evidence to support detoxing. She gave a fabulous sound bite for viewers to remember “Your body is smart enough to get rid of toxins in it’s own.”
  • Angel had good eye contact with the host throughout the interview and appeared to be enjoying herself.
  • When the host appeared confused about the “portioning activity,” Angel took time to explain the concept of using smaller containers, to make smaller portions of food look more satisfying. She invited the host to participate in the activity in a friendly manner and did not get flustered!


  • Angel used her small and large plastic containers effectively to demonstrate the concept of portion control. She showed us how portions can look deceivingly small when put into large containers, which may potentially lead to overeating.
  • She used her visual of whole fruit and vegetables to emphasize that these are healthier choices than juice.
  • Suggestion for improvement: Additional visuals to demonstrate the portion size message. Consider displaying a small lunch sized plate and a dinner sized plate with the same food but in different portion sizes. Discuss the difference in calories between the two different sized meals. Also, some of the visuals displayed during the interview (two glasses with juice, lemons and limes) were not addressed. Use visuals to help “tell your story”.


  • Angel looked beautiful on camera and smiled throughout the interview!
  • Suggestion for improvement: Suggestion for improvement: Consider wearing a jewel-tone coloured cardigan to enhance the look of her all white outfit on camera.