Lalitha Taylor is an award-winning dietitian and the Owner & Founder of Taylor Nutrition, based in Edmonton Alberta.     She has a diverse dietetic background and dynamic communication skills that allow her to engage Canadians through both in-person interactions and various media outlets. She regularly contributes to radio, print and media events, including CTV2’s Alberta Primetime and Global Edmonton. She is the current nutrition columnist for CBC Edmonton Radio and a former National Spokesperson for Dietitians of Canada. Lalitha has created educational videos which are disseminated throughout Alberta hospitals / clinics, has volunteered at public hospitals in Peru and South Africa, and has developed and presented hundreds of nutritional presentations for patients and corporate clientele. Enjoy learning more about Lalitha and reading her fabulous media tips!

How did you get started in the media?

I was recommended by my former boss (and dietitian colleague) to participate in a panel interview for CTV2 Alberta Primetime regarding plant-based diets. Up until that point, I had absolutely no media training and no idea what to expect. During the interview, I recall my mouth opening and words coming out, but I had no idea what I was saying. I was a nervous wreck. After the interview, I felt deflated and was positive that the interview went horribly. My spouse and I watched the interview together and he looked at me and said, “Great job!” I actually made sense. Alberta Primetime must have thought the same thing as they have kept me on as a regular panelist for 6 years running.

What was your most memorable interview and why?

My most memorable interview or media experience was when I had the opportunity to film a lentil recipe with Chef Michael Smith in Prince Edward Island. The overall experience was surreal. I had been a fan of Chef Michael for years–it was such an honor and blessing to absorb all his nuggets of media knowledge. I was super excited, but also intimidated to work and film with this television super star. Thankfully, he was such a gracious, genuine and sincere individual who was truly invested in helping me become a better presenter. The amount of work and the detailed intricacies of media are well-hidden from the general eye. We spent an entire day filming for a 5-minute interview and food recipe demonstration. A great interview requires a time investment to ensure what you’re presenting is interesting, meaningful and applicable.

Have you ever experienced a “fumble” during an interview, and if so, how did you fix it / what did you learn from it?

A couple of times during a live interview, I’ve lost my train of thought, or I’ve been asked a question that was unexpected. There can be the tendency to fill empty spaces with “ummms” or ” uhhhhs”. I’ve learned that it’s ok to pause in silence, slow down and regroup. It doesn’t matter if you’re on live television or not. It’s more meaningful to pause and consider your next statement verses incessant “umms” or rushing ahead without a purposeful answer.  When asked an unexpected question, try and redirect the question back to what you know and what you would like to get across to your audience.

Can you share one tip or a nugget of expert advice for dietitians who would like to work / who are working in the media?

Be authentic and “relatable”. I have found my best interviews are when I can talk about nutrition in the context of myself and my family. During interviews, I’ve shared my personal struggles and successes with living and managing my own autoimmune disease. I’ve also shared stories about my young daughter and some of the food challenges and successes I’ve encountered as a parent and a dietitian. People can relate to other people’s experiences. I want people to recognize that dietitians are real people. I also want people to recognize that we practice from a place of understanding, evidence-based knowledge, personal experience and passion.

A little more about Lalitha:

At 19 years of age, Lalitha was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Since that time she has had a desire to help prevent and manage her own disease, as well as provide individuals with a greater quality of life; this strong desire prompted her to become a registered dietitian. She has excelled in her career and has won numerous awards for her contributions, including Edmonton’s Top 40 Under 40, University of Alberta Alumni Horizon Award and College of Dietitians of Alberta Preceptor Award. Lalitha donates much of her time to her local community, including Youth Empowerment and Support Services, The Arthritis Society, Red Willow Community Church and the University of Alberta Nutrition program where she mentors students. She is passionate about strengthening her communities’ health through nutritional education! You can find her sharing her knowledge at a variety of places including clinics, schools, homeless shelters, churches and community organizations. Her vision is to make nutrition and healthy eating fun, understandable and simple.

To contract or follow Lalitha you can reach her at:

Website: Taylor Nutrition

Instagram: @LalithaTaylor_RD

twitter: @lalithataylor

Updated June 2021