It was actually these words of wisdom by Wayne Gretzky that inspired me to pursue a career in the media. You see, it all started with a call from Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod, the dynamic duo from BODY BREAK. They asked me to be the dietitian on their national TV show.

Their request left me flooded with a range of emotions – excitement, nervousness, and even fear! Dietitians weren’t visible in the media at all “back then”, and I had not even been media trained. Nonetheless, with Gretzky’s inspiration ringing in my ears, I wholeheartedly accepted their invitation.

After taping the first season of the show, I was absolutely hooked on working in the media! Since then, I’ve acted as media spokesperson for Dietitians of Canada, Health Canada and numerous national and international food clients. I’ve appeared in over 200 media features, commercials and media tours from coast to coast. I’m passionate about training others – just like you – to be media savvy too.

So, when the media calls you for an interview, find your inner Gretzky and go for it! Take a shot! Our media training workshops and webinars will set you up to score!