Here’s a tip for giving a memorable interview – Finish Strong!

Close your interview or video with a short recap of your key message / sound bite or offer a call to action (I call this the “closer”).

Say your closer as you’re finishing off the interview and BEFORE the host / journalist says thank you in their extro. Sometimes they will even throw you the line, “Anything else?” or “Where can we go for more info?” Be ready with your closer to finish strong. Here are a few examples. 🤓

💥 ”Remember that healthy eating looks different for all of us. Enjoy delicious food and talk to a dietitian for nutrition coaching.”

💥 “So there you go – two fast and easy recipes to help eat well and live well!”

💥 ”Try my three tips and I guarantee you will save money the next time you go grocery shopping.”

💥 “You can find more information on my website or on Instagram @SueMahRD.”

Essentially, you want to

1. Tell the audience what you will tell them;

2. Tell them; and

3. Tell them what you told them!

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