January is the perfect time for YOU to shine in the media! With the cold dark days of winter, media outlets are looking for experts to motivate their viewers with tips and ideas to help them achieve and stick to their New Year’s resolutions. Start pitching your media interview ideas NOW to your local media outlets. It takes time to think of story ideas, so we’ve given you a jump start on some winning interview topic ideas. Here’s hoping you’ll soon land your first media interview for the new year!

TOPIC #1: De-bunk fad diets! 

Our expert tip: Share 5 tips for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight using an “un-diet” approach OR share your pros and cons about the latest fad diets.


TOPIC #2: Top 3-5 new food trends for 2017

Our expert tip: Be as creative as possible with your visuals to show how these trends can affect the health of Canadians. Visuals are the roadmap to your story.


TOPIC #3: Top 5 foods/nutrients for a strong immune system during the dark days of winter

Our expert tip: Show a variety of colourful foods and explain key nutrients to help people understand how to best feed their immune system. Consider making a recipe using some of the key foods.


We’re here to help you! Contact us for assistance with your pitch, key message development, visuals and wardrobe consultation. Good luck and let us know how it goes!